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Is COVID19 finally going to teach us the skills we need?

Due to the unfortunate Covid-19 situation, we are all home bound, thinking of what else we should do to enlighten our students. We are all confused regarding how we will help in this era of uncertainty and change, however I would like to provide you with some relevant information OECD had brought to life a […]

5 Reasons To Study Data Science In Texas

Are you thinking about taking the next step in your career but aren’t sure what you’d like to study? Data science is a growing field and there is a lot of financial security for those who pursue a career in this field. Texas is one of the best places to study data science, with many […]

Differences between Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling and Psychology

In various stages of our lives, we need to have so sort of discussions with people that are in fields of counselling, psychology, mentoring or coaching, we also need friends, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers and anyone that can help us navigate our path.  Childhood is a cumbersome stage of life, one cannot […]

Doctor or Footballer?

I was so sad today after talking to a student who is in love with football, but his dad isn’t.  He only wants to spend his life playing football and apparently, he is great at it.  His dad, on the other hand, wants him to study (according to the father he must stop goofing around […]

3 Exciting fields you can enter with an apprenticeship

The idea of starting a new career can be exciting, especially when you start considering the perks of earning your own money – from having the cash for buying the latest trainers to being able to afford the rent on your first place. But how do you land that perfect first job? And how do […]

Online courses & Education (MOOCS)

I wonder how many of you took a MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). These courses are created by top universities around the world and put out there for the public to use and enhance their knowledge. I normally ask my students to take a course or two that matches their study interests just to ascertain […]

TED Talks, Education and Inspiration

Can you talk to a large audience? Or are you inspired by talks? Speaking to a large audience can be a little bit intimidating, one has to learn such skill when one is young and energetic. There are ways to make us able to speak publicly easily but it starts in schools.  In the advanced […]

Things to think about if you are considering studying Medicine

Since we started our company we were bundled with queries about medicine and other medical fields.  It seemed to us that the whole world wants to study medicine, so we embarked on researching the field, in terms of who provides it, what are the qualifications needed, is it easy to get into, are there any […]

The Best Colleges in the U.S. to Get Your Mechanical Engineering Degree

Mechanical Engineering is a great subject of study for students who love designing, building, and tinkering with tools and machines. By pursuing a college major in Mechanical Engineering (ME), you will learn how to build and run manufacturing equipment, vehicles, robotics, and more! Jobs for mechanical engineers are growing at a typical rate, with approximately […]