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Teenagers Confused About Career Path

At times its difficult for us the adults to determine which career we must pursue, it’s like being stuck in water between two mountains, it seems to be too hard to deal with and too precious to forget about. For some the agony is even stronger especially if we have chosen a major that is […]

Deciding on a Major

Once students leave their familiar ‘school nest’, and fly away and start to become independent college students, they are faced with many challenges that shape their future outcomes. Deciding on which major to pursue might be one of the hardest task faced by high school graduates. They might be scoring high marks in economics but […]

3 Benefits of Online Courses You Never Knew Are There

Online learning is becoming the mainstream way of pursuing a degree. Students fresh out of high school are now opting for online courses from top universities. Those who are working a full-time job or running a business can now pursue a master’s degree in various fields, such as a master in public health online. Online […]

Careers You Can Enter with a Criminal Justice Degree

Whether you are just considering enrolling for your online masters in criminal justice or you are already in the program, it’s a good idea to be aware of what kind of career the degree can get you. There is a chance you may change your mind more than once during the process of earning your […]

Inspirational Education

I truly believe that we must be lifelong learners, education is limitless and must never have age boundaries.  Due to this belief, I continue to register in courses, read books, work on research and learn more whenever I can.  Of course its not only me, many people share this point of view and I am […]

So you want to be an Engineer?

The word Engineer is derived from Engine which meant at that time anyone who worked on engines or machines. Till today anyone working on creating engines or a similar item is named “engineer”. 

Sharing is Carring

Many of us take these two terms easily, we say them but we do not actually mean them or we do not embody them the same way we wear gloves.  To care and to share are not literal, they actually mean something and are to be made part of our culture.  Thus, when I see […]

The Affair of the Arab Universities

Once you think the Arab world, you will either be nostalgic about our history, culture, art and the many traits that us the Arabs hold, or on the other hand you will think that we are a bunch of individuals who are great when we get together and talk, but at the same time fight […]

Global University

I want to pursue my Education. I go on the net and put a search for the subject I want to specialize in, what do I get? Three million pages of websites that I need to surf in to make my choices. It does not stop here, as within each website there is like 3000 […]