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Want to study Medicine? Read this first

Studying medicine can be an overwhelming task, nevertheless, most of those students that obtain 95% and above in their secondary education opt for medicine. Many of those are either pushed to study medicine by their parents, or are themselves fascinated by this science, or their friends are going to study medicine, or they have read […]

I am a Neuroscientist

Would you be proud to address yourself as a neuroscientist? I would be as I am telling the world that I am specialized in the “nervous system” which is the network of neuron responsible for our feelings, actions and thoughts. Many people mistake this speciality to be a branch of medical specialization when it’s a […]

Flatfoot or Athlete foot? The study of Podiatry

Today’s environment requires us to be healthy, due to the fact that most of our jobs are usually completed while sitting on a chair. And to be healthy you need to have a healthy diet, do some exercise, go for walks and have good habits in general.  Basically, we are focusing on movement. And the […]

Thinking of taking Marine Studies as your major?

If you are as romantic as I am, you would go to the beach or enjoy looking at water, as water is the main source of life.  However, a scientist looks at water differently, he or she looks at it as a combination of oxygen and hydrogen, and also sometimes mineral, and other things that […]