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Sports & Exercise Science

Sports had been in existence since the Olympics started in 776 BC, which is more than 2500 years now. Games of all nature were played but boxing was the favorite game. The players were naked at that time.  Since then a lot have changed and games are now international, and the torch moves to various […]

Be Futuristic

Imagine me wanting to be able to draw? I love art and appreciate it; I don’t think that I had gone to a country without visiting its art centres and museums. But can I draw? Well in the future I will be able to draw, there will be equipment that is fixed to my brain […]

Applying to become a PhD

What does PhD stand for? Doctor of Philosophy, shortened to PhD, which I am sure many do not know why it is called this way.  As the subject portrays, you are looking at a problem and trying to find out a solution for it, a scientific solution, you are hungry to know the answer, you […]

4 rules for students who want to study abroad

Sending a child abroad is a very hard decision, that we as parents take sometimes without even thinking about it.  I remember when my father sent me abroad, I don’t think he thought of every detail of my life abroad, what I need, how much money, where will I live, who is going to look […]

Isosceles, Equilateral, Scalene, Acute or Obtuse?

These are not names of people or places or events or medical terminologies, these are the names of some types of triangles which also has so many other types.  A triangle had occupied scientists minds for centuries, and the signs were used for many things, naming but a few is: god, magic, and it can […]

Teaching Accounting Needs to Change!

I am an accountant (both managerial accountant and auditor) and have been working in the field for such a long time as well as teaching accounting and other subjects in accounting; I am also an economist, the combination of accounting, auditing and economics had given me a fanastic since of analaysing what is going on […]

Want to study Medicine? Read this first

Studying medicine can be an overwhelming task, nevertheless, most of those students that obtain 95% and above in their secondary education opt for medicine. Many of those are either pushed to study medicine by their parents, or are themselves fascinated by this science, or their friends are going to study medicine, or they have read […]

I am a Neuroscientist

Would you be proud to address yourself as a neuroscientist? I would be as I am telling the world that I am specialized in the “nervous system” which is the network of neuron responsible for our feelings, actions and thoughts. Many people mistake this speciality to be a branch of medical specialization when it’s a […]

Does education make us respectful?

I have been noticing that many students are disrespectful to their teachers, their fellow students, to their parents, to their community at large. Bullying in schools is a known phenomenon that has been studied and restudies, but still, there is no cure, as it continued for centuries. Also, once we leave our schools, we continue […]