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Design & Architecture

Architecture is one of the most enduring art forms that make our environment beautiful, daring or simply functional. City skylines – from concrete monstrosities to sleek glass lines – are created as a result of architects’ visions. Architecture has evolved as a profession over centuries. The ancient city of Mohenjo Daro – the present-day India […]

Cybersecurity as a Major

In today’s wired world we are all busy in displaying our lives on the social media without any regards to what is going to happen to those pictures, addresses, and various details that can harm our personal security. In the past couple of months, Mark Zuckerberg has been investigated on how Facebook is using our […]

Research in Science & Technology

The academic year is almost over, this article is a reminder to parents, schools, governments and all of us about the importance of science and research. Many advances in various scientific fields have taken place, to mention but a few the biosensors, the freezing of embryos, Kyoto protocol, amnesia drugs, and stopping the growth of […]

The job market and things to come

Many students ask me about the job market, and what are the jobs that are there, so we take the degree that is needed for that job.  Tough question of course and wrongly asked. Many students choose a course on the basis of peer pressure, parents pressure, self-illusions of thinking that one likes to do […]

Accrediting universities and programmes

Accrediting universities and programmes is a hell of a job, ask me, I have worked in this field for a while and saw first-hand what the proposers of new universities or new programmes at an already established university go through in order to get the programme/university going.  The whole thing starts with an idea, like […]

How artistic are you?

I have always put the artists on a higher pedestal than us, enjoyed their paintings, sculptures and even their absurd installations, videos and the shapes that they do to make us understand the world, or at least see it from their perspective which is at the end of the day a better perspective. I have […]

Entrepreneurs have to be ready (Unbound, Bahrain Blog)

I was lucky to attend Unbound Bahrain and Bahrain startups conference and meet so many entrepreneurs and startups and most importantly people willing to invest in your business.  The panels were fantastic, and everyone spoke from the heart.  There were so many sessions and of course there was the hackathon where many groups were trying […]

The Good Doctor & Virtual Reality

Are you currently watching The Good Doctor? It’s about a group of doctors that work in a very futuristic hospital, one of them is a young autistic doctor who is a phenomenon. In episode 9 they are trying to operate on a child who has heart failure.  Before they did the operation, they do the […]

Feeling Homesick?

Most of us were students before, some of us still are. If you reflect on that period of your life you may find that a lot of your time was wasted due to lack of focus and procrastination.  We leave the essays for the day before it’s supposed to be handed in, we study for […]