Mechanical Engineering is a great subject of study for students who love designing, building, and tinkering with tools and machines. By pursuing a college major in Mechanical Engineering (ME), you will learn how to build and run manufacturing equipment, vehicles, robotics, and more!

Jobs for mechanical engineers are growing at a typical rate, with approximately 25,300 positions to be created in the next ten years. Many of these positions are open to students with just an undergraduate ME degree.

The average mechanical engineering grad makes $57,800 at the start of career and roughly $96,400 in their mid-career. Graduates with an ME degree make roughly 32% more than the typical college grad.

ME is the 18th most popular major in the United States, and the 13th highest paid. About 26,600 students earned this degree in 2016.

Below is a ranking of the top 10 greatest Mechanical Engineering schools in America. College Factual evaluated 269 Mechanical Engineering colleges in the united states to rate these based on metrics like graduation rates, student loan default rates, average earnings of graduates, accreditation, and more. Read the ranking methodology for more details.

  1. Carnegie Mellon University

The 1st school mentioned on this list comes in at # 10. Carnegie Mellon is in the large city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Those who complete Carnegie’s mechanical engineering program can expect to earn around 4% more than others with the same degree by making a starting salary of $63,000 per year!

The institution is well known throughout the U.S. and the world. 85% of students come from out of state.

  1. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor could be an excellent choice for you for your undergraduate or Master’s degree in Mechanical engineering. Grads from the undergrad program make starting career wages of $63,000, which is very good. Almost 300 students graduated from the program in 2016.

The city of Ann Arbor, Michigan is wonderful for young people seeking networking, interns, and job opportunities.

  1. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Set in the charming city of Troy, New York, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) is a good option for potential Mechanical engineering students. The ME degree is the most popular in the college, with more than 190 students graduating from it in 2016. For an easy way to make $2,200 more per year in your first job after college, graduate from RPI’s Mechanical Engineering program and earn around $60,000.

87% of the teachers are full-time, and the student to faculty ratio is fifteen to one.

  1. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester, Massachusetts, a location of Worcester Polytechnic is the perfect environment for learners who benefit from an energetic urban lifestyle. 203 scholars completed the mechanical engineering degree in 2016, making it the favourite in the school, and grads of the program proceeded to earn average incomes of $63,000 in the early years of their careers.

70% of the educators are full time, and a student to faculty ratio of 13 to 1 means you will have a good chance of being able to connect with your instructors.

  1. Kettering University

Kettering University is found in the big city of Flint, Michigan, a wonderful setting for college students in search of thrills, networking and employment. Graduates from the Kettering ME department take home typically $60,000 in their early career. It’s no surprise it’s the most common major at the institution!

The institution is ethnically diverse, and 84% originating from within the state of Michigan.

  1. Stanford University

Stanford is a great option to get either your undergraduate or master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Situated in Stanford, California, the school offers a reputable, suburban atmosphere for students. Approximately 94 students obtained their ME degree from Stanford in 2016, and afterword earned average early career salaries of $68,000!

Stanford has been scored one of the best for top quality education outcomes for veterans and military personnel.

  1. California Institute of Technology

ME majors from California Institute of Technology earn early career salaries of $63,000, around 13% more than the standard income of other ME grads. The environment of Pasadena, California provides ample options for students who appreciate the joy of the city.

A lot of the educators are full time, 92%, plus the student to faculty ratio is an extremely-low three to one. This indicates a high likelihood of interaction and face time with teachers and professors.

  1. Stevens Institute of Technology

Mechanical engineering is a well-liked choice at Stevens Institute of Technology with over 150 graduations in 2016. Grads of the department earned about $59,000 in their early career. Students at the school enjoy local shops and other entertainment in the suburban area of Hoboken, New Jersey.

The institution has a better than typical 10:1 student to faculty ratio and 65% of the professors are full time.

  1. Georgia Institute of Technology – Main Campus

Mechanical Engineering a common major at Georgia Tech, with 15% of undergrad students signed up for it. 510 students finished with this major in 2016. Atlanta, Georgia is a large city offering young people a lot of opportunities for night-life and networking.

87% of the professors are full time, greater than the U.S. standard of 49%.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mechanical engineering is the 2nd most common major at MIT; 190 students graduated with this degree in 2016, which is 15% of enrolled undergrads. Grads generate about $69,000 at the start of their positions. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, students will enjoy the thrills of city life.

A terrific value, only 2% of grads default on their loans.

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