Top Universities in Canada

Canada is home to a number of excellent engineering colleges that offers a variety of engineering programs for students from around the world. Canadian engineering education is quite competitive and encourages the students to go beyond their area of expertise and apply their knowledge in developing and designing engineering projects. Here is a list of some of the best engineering colleges in Canada:

  • Waterloo University: Canada’s largest engineering college, Waterloo University is well known for its quality Software engineering programs. The other departments of engineering includes chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, etc. The university offers programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • University of Toronto: One of the top ranked engineering schools in the world, the University of Canada is well known for its hands on approach to engineering training. Thus the students are not just learning theoretically, but are also constantly applying their knowledge, thus gaining a hands on experience.
  • University of British Columbia: UBC offers some of the best engineering programs in the world. It offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in various engineering programs. UBC is well known for its research and for including suitable students in its research programs.

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