Today’s environment requires us to be healthy, due to the fact that most of our jobs are usually completed while sitting on a chair. And to be healthy you need to have a healthy diet, do some exercise, go for walks and have good habits in general.  Basically, we are focusing on movement. And the main part of our body responsible for movement is our feet.

Healthy feet are crucial ingredients in a healthy lifestyle.  You don’t need corn, you don’t need calluses, you don’t need toenail problems, such as thickened or fungal toenails. Also, if you play sports you will have foot injuries and some sort of infections.  Or maybe the way you walk is affecting your lower back and all the pain can be due to having Flatfoot.  I can name hundreds of situations where the foot is the culprit, and here is why I am talking about “The foot”.

Podiatry (Greek name for foot) is to do with feet, ankle and lower legs. They are the parts that we need most when we walk or do exercise. Taking care of our feet is of the utmost importance and we need to rethink our study majors due to this.

Podiatry is a popular programme in the west, and the graduates are actually called doctors, but they don’t go to medical school.  They are medical specialists who help with problems of the feet or lower leg. Diabetes patients need them the most as they often suffer from feet injuries.   They can reset bones, do surgeries, prescribe medications, or they can order X-ray and lab tests.  They have their own initials (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, or DPM) and they are registered.  The whole western world has this programme, and most of the students open their own clinics after graduations as they have many hours of actual work experience with patients.

To do Podiatry, you will need to have a science background, and you will also study Biology, Chemistry, physics and other science classes to be ready.  The students will also study about the bones, muscles, and nervous system and study all the possible diseases and injuries that can affect the feet.  They will study how to diagnose the feet and lower leg and treat them. When they graduate and open their own clinics they can earn in excess of 100,000 dollars, and they are called “doctors”.

Back to our subject, we have 35-45% of our students wanting to do medicine, which is great, don’t take me wrong (I wanted to be one when I was little), however, there are hundreds of health-related occupations that we can look at besides medicine.  Podiatry is one of them and I want one student to read this blog and decide to go and study it. Helping people be healthy and do their exercise is a major contribution to society, don’t forget that a healthy body generates healthy minds.

Besides, a medical doctor has to study for 6 years, do general medicine, train for two years, be a registrar for three, then specialize in one field of medicine, surgeon, internal medicine, oncology, brain, neuro, blood, orthopedic, etc; thus, a podiatrist will cut short the study period to four only and be a specialist and a “DOCTOR” in less than a third of the time.

To help you start learning about the programme here is a MOOC just for Podiatry



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