Many students ask me about the job market, and what are the jobs that are there, so we take the degree that is needed for that job.  Tough question of course and wrongly asked.

Many students choose a course on the basis of peer pressure, parents pressure, self-illusions of thinking that one likes to do a certain job, media pressure (I recall an increase in forensic science once CSI series started, and law degrees when Law and order series started! I am happy that no one wanted to be a wizard when Harry Potter movies came around). Choosing a career must come from a thorough understanding of oneself, and the abilities that we have.

The term “job market” this is a very lucid term, and changes to it happen every day. The jobs that we did (like phone operator, printer, typist, post office personnel, machine operator, newspaper editor, accountant, and many more that I cannot even recall now) 20 years ago are not there anymore, and new jobs like bloggers, designers, 3d printer operator (this too will soon be reading your mind and preparing whatever idea you are thinking of) social media worker, and so are the jobs today. Ever doctors are being replaced by robots, so we need to really think outside the box.  Researchers do not need to go to the huge libraries any more, as at a press of a button you can get anything from Google. So even doing research has become that much simpler.

You should be asking yourself what I want to do be suitable at 2030? As by the time you graduate (if you start in 2018 that is) it will be well into the future, and we do not have a crystal ball, but the trend shows changes by the minute, so do something that can match the trends. Try something in Medical Design (designing tools in VR, IR or such things for doctors to be able to operate easily on the patients); or try your hand in Modern Architecture and design new types of housing that makes our life simpler and spend less on energy; or try your hand at Agricultural engineering, that way you can be employed all the time;  Think of the DNA and how unlocking it’s code is helping everybody’s health and wellbeing; Think of Drone technology and what we can do with them. Research new ways of doing things, don’t just study for the sake of studying, study for the sake of helping our humanity.

The second question students wonder about is how likely an employer to hire you?

If you have studied abroad then that is a bonus, you would have gained experiences and seen the world changing under your feet, instead of being under the supervision of mum and dad and being cushy living at your parents’ house and doing nothing to earn your living.  Instead of your degree, what do you get after studying abroad. You will learn skills that you will not learn while you are in your own country.  Presentation skills, public speaking skills, grit, agility, you would have gained leadership skills, you would have adapted to various situations in your life, you will have taken initiatives to show others your capabilities; most important of all is that you will be an independent person who can solve problems easily.  And for this reason, the employers will hire you.  The employers are not only looking for a degree, they are looking at you from a different perspective, and studying abroad gives you that perspective.  The qualities that you had obtained whilst abroad will make you marketable.

Finally, what am I trying to say here is that your questions don’t bear any relevance in life, think about it, 2030 is a mere 12 years away, if you think 18 years went fast, guess what, 12 years will be faster, please take care of those years and start changing the world.

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