Nestled between high trees and situated in a building that is protected and was a missionary earlier to changing it to a university! Richmond University is small but full of potential. It has many students who come from overseas to do an American education and English life style. 

What I liked about the university is the fact that the student live where they study so no excuse of traffic congestion not being late as the train was late. Food is also served at the university and is part of the whole fees. 

As an american university, the first two years is liberal arts and after that the students specialize in the majors of their choice. 

I feel after the recent problems with entering USA this university is going to have an influx of students who would have gone to US to study. 

Small place with lots of potential and has three campuses in different areas of London for Bachelor and Master degrees. 

The university is not new, to me it’s new and I would love to send them students as I do believe in the quality education that it provides. 

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